Special Features

Community Library
As a member of Cram Stoppers, users have access to a Community Library where they can view and take other High School/College students’ quizzes. The edit function allows for these quizzes to be used “as is” or changed to the user’s liking. In addition, members can also contribute to the library, sharing quizzes they have personally crafted.

This features allows you to selectively share your created quizzes with other MEMBERS of Cram Stoppers. Whether it’s between classmates, teachers, tutors and their students, or homeschool communities, it is a simple way to work together for supplemental studying.

The Buddyshare feature is located inside Cram Stoppers on the Home Page. After reading the RULES (very important) and instructions, SELECT the RECIPIENT by typing in their Username or use the short-cut feature by making a MASTER list of BUDDIES! After choosing the quizzes you wish to share, simply hit “Send Now” - it's a cinch!

Quiz Results
The Quiz Results Chart is a great feature that allows students, parents, tutors, or teachers a quick overview of quizzes that have been taken. It shows the most recent quiz taken at the top, as well as the name of the quiz, subject, grade, date taken, # of times attempted, # correct, and % correct. Scored quizzes can also be reviewed and results sent to other Cram Stopper or Quiz Infinity (special teacher/tutor site) member accounts.

Ultimate Quiz
Creating an Ultimate Quiz is a cinch when studying for any type of cumulative testing, such as semester, mid-terms, or final exams.  This easy to use feature allows for the quick combining of past quizzes.  Once created, if modifying is needed, quiz questions can be edited, deleted, or added.  The Ultimate Quiz feature is located inside of Cram Stoppers on the Home Page.

Flash Cards
One of the great features on Cram Stoppers is the automatic creation of Flash Cards from a previously made quiz. Once quizzes are created, users can simply click on the card icon in their Quiz Library and study in flash card format. Flash cards randomize and can also be printed. (Reading Comprehension quizzes are not readable in this format.)

Shared Quiz Results
Your Scored Quizzes can be selectively shared with others, especially your teachers and tutors.  It’s as easy as highlighting the button next to the Scored Quiz you wish to share, entering the Username of the receiver, and sending.  Your Scored Quiz (along with your Username) will appear in the receiver’s Shared Scored Quiz Chart located on their Home Page.  They’ll also receive a pop-up message alerting them that it has been sent.

Just Logical
Just Logical is a unique multiple choice only quizzing system that supplies the learner with instant feedback.  It is designed to help students study specific skill areas while giving positive, immediate feedback. These areas include everything from adverbs and prepositional phrases to multiplication and map skills. 

When taking JL quizzes, the user continues to select responses to each question until they get the correct answer.  In doing so, they are able to apply the same logic on the next question, reinforcing the same skill.  Each Just Logical quiz can measure up to three skill sets at a time, determined by the person creating the quiz.

There are sample Just Logical quizzes located on the Home Page of Cram Stoppers.

Text Editor
The text edit feature supports studying all foreign languages plus enabling the user to create quizzes using features such as bold, italics, underline, picture embedding, and various font sizes and types.

Just Keep Writing
When asked to complete a writing assignment, do you find yourself saying, “It’s no fun to write!” or “What do I write about?” Maybe you are returning to college after taking a break and simply need to brush up on your writing skills. Unless you are a naturally gifted writer, writing an essay or report can be downright frightening. Cram Stoppers has a special feature called “Just Keep Writing” which provides a unique way to develop and polish your writing skills – at your convenience and at your own pace.

Just Keep Writing was designed to demystify the writing process for students of all levels and writing abilities. Simply log on and learn, step-by-step, the mechanics of writing, in a non-threatening, friendly way. The cast of cool characters are great guides for you as well! They offer you terrific tips as you craft your papers during assignments or testing - an angel on your shoulder per se!

After you read and work within Just Keep Writing, you’ll also be able to create your own work within the site. A “Write My Own” section will be available Fall of 2010. Select a graphic organizer, fill it in, write your paragraph(s), edit your work, and then create a clean final copy to turn in at school. A library will also be available where you can store your work.