You're making believers out of my parents and struggling students!  I have one student who scored a 47% on his Federal Constitution attempt and after using your site for one week scored an 82%.  Another went from 43% to 72% to 91% on her attempts. I have seen others' grades jump 20-40% from their first attempts, when they really used the site correctly.

- J. Viano, Teacher, Wilmington, Illinois

Studying is an essential part of school. Throughout high school, I’ve searched through endless possibilities of studying methods. From making hundreds of flashcards to re-reading notes, I couldn’t find the perfect solution. Once I was introduced to Cram Stoppers, I was able to find multiple successful solutions to remembering information. You can create an open-ended amount of quizzes, varying from multiple choice, to my favorite, matching as well as having access to a community library full of previously made quizzes. These quizzes can be based off of any subject from eighth grade to graduate school. Cram Stoppers has saved my grade on many occasions, especially anatomy, between memorizing locations of muscles and bones to their functions all throughout the body. This is a resource that I know I can rely on to help me survive college.

- Kaitlyn T., High School Senior, Atlanta, GA

My name is Pauline Ariondo and I have 2 boys. One is 11 and the other is 16. Prior to discovering your website, I would take my son's notes, quiz study guides and make my own tests to quiz them. It was very time consuming, but I got good results.

About mid-year last year, I saw a program on TV that featured your site. We registered immediately and I have to tell you that it is amazing. I am able to still use the notes and reference material, but I have many options on how I want to quiz him!! Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to the new year and we plan to use your site a lot!

- Pauline Ariondo

As a social studies teacher I found that no two years are ever the same. Many of those outside of the education field mistakenly assume that giving a test or quiz is easy once you have created it in your first year. However, those who are in the "know" can relate to the ever-changing nature of education. Teachers rarely teach the same class twice. Either different needs or different content find us back at our laptops typing away come exam time. That is why I was excited to learn about Cramstoppers. As a teacher, Cramstoppers gives me the flexibility to create a bank of questions accessible from any computer at any time. No special test generating software to install, no annoying reformatting to execute. Giving a test is as simple as clicking on old quizzes and deleting a few odd questions, and viola I have my entire exam ready to print. What's even better is that my classroom has become even greener. I can give these tests online and get instant student data. I am proud to say that Cramstoppers is a huge leap forward in cutting down the amount of time I spend on paper work so I can focus on the more important things.

- Ken Uhde, 9th Grade World History, Groves High School

Although, I have to say, I have always been blessed with kids that really want to learn...QW and CS has gotten that spark back for us! Sometimes it is hard to get started again in the fall and we had been feeling like we were in a bit of a rut (same old, same old every year...) so this is definitely a refreshing way to study! I love seeing their excitement about getting to class again. They are loving it and having fun learning!

- Heather H., Homeschooling two children in 6th grade and 9th grade

I’m so glad you finally got a High School/College site. I’ve liked using Qwizzy’s World, but appreciate the upgrade to a more mature look and feel for studying.

- Jake W. Freshman in High School

At first, creating my own quizzes was weird. I’m so used to taking online pre-made tests that I wasn’t sure what to do. Once I started making them though it was easy. I just created questions from the study guides we get in class, then took the quiz at home before test day. Just recently I even made a quiz that looked a lot like my teachers – now that’s cool!

- Christine T. Junior in High School

It’s great to see my high school sophomore become reenergized about her studies. She likes the feedback from taking the practice quizzes she creates and I see her more confident on her test days. She seems to be studying more efficiently – nice to have her at the dinner table.

- Karen B. Mother of H.S. Sophomore

I’m excited to have a site that lets me do my own thing. It’s such a time saver to create quizzes based on what we’re studying rather than wasting time on pre-made tests that don’t apply. The flashcards are great.

- Ken M. 10th grade student

This is so easy to use – thanks for the simplicity. So many sites give you so much stuff to use that it gets complicated. I like the format and love the automatic flash card feature.

- Susan T. 9th grade student

I’m just sad I found Cram Stoppers so late in my High School education. As a senior, I know I’ll keep using it throughout my college years. Can you make a community board where we can post quizzes for each other? I think that it would be a cool addition besides just using the Buddysharing feature with my friends.

- Samantha R. High School Senior

Where was this site when I was in High School? I can’t believe my son is studying…he even makes me take the quizzes he creates! It’s fun to see him self-motivated and having fun studying, and the practicing before test day seems to be helping with his test anxiety.

- Janet K. Mother of H.S. Sophomore

I really like the Ultimate Quiz feature. As a freshman in College, I was worried about how I’d keep up. Making small quizzes from my notes throughout the semester, then simply combining them when we take cumulative tests in class is a cinch. I’ve actually got some friends jealous of the extra time I have that they don’t. It’s cool to be prepared – wish I could have used this in High School.

- Cindy W. College Freshman