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Since 1984, Chyten tutors have helped tens of thousands of students nationwide with test preparation, academic tutoring, and reading and study skills. Recognized as the Gold Standard of tutoring, Chyten prepares college-bound students to accomplish their goals in our highly competitive educational environment.

At Chyten of Johns Creek and Milton, we're here to help you achieve your family's goals. We create a customized academic strategy for each student based on individual goals, strengths, academic needs, and unique learning styles. Chyten's exceptional tutors motivate students to earn their best grades and test scores. Every tutor has a Master's Degree or Ph.D., as well as relevant teaching experience. All of our programs combine proven methods with individualized lessons so that students and their families will see tangible, meaningful results. Call Don at 678-824-6890 for more information.

Go Social Studies Go

Go Social Studies Go! is taking social studies education into the 21st century. Rather than trying to absorb content from a textbook, GSSG combines content, written with the student in mind, with the best games, videos, songs, news articles and activities from all over the web into one easy-to-use Virtual Book. The site is free to use so give it a go!

Uniting Kids Pty. Ltd.

Uniting Kids offers free support to children around the world. At Uniting Kids you can learn new skills and find help and support when you need it. You can also show off your creative talent, share stories, connect with other kids, and be supported as you make positive changes in your life.

Atlanta Mama

Atlanta Mama’s mission, as a web-based resource for women, is to make motherhood easier by providing parenting resources that are relevant, up to date and easy to use, while providing a warm, comfortable place for ‘mamas’ of all kinds to join together in a unique forum. Today's Mama, the original ‘mama’ web site, was launched to provide personal, professional, and parenting resources designed to foster a greater sense of identity, empowerment, and connection for women and mothers across the country. The idea for TodaysMama came in 2004, when young mamas Rachael Herrscher and Stephanie Peterson searched together for a mom-n-tot swim class and lamented the lack of quality central local resource of practical information for mothers. Tere Johnson, Atlanta wife and mother, is at the helm of Atlanta Mama, providing valuable resources and tips for mamas in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Connect with Kids

CWK Network, Inc. Connect with Kids is a multi-media, education company focused on helping educators and parents teach life skills, prevention, character, health, and wellness. Their belief is that parents and teachers are the greatest influence in the life of a child, and the company’s mission is to connect kids with the adults who can help them using the power of real stories on video, television and the Internet. Founded in 1998, CWK Network, Inc. produces the Emmy® award-winning Connect with Kids television series – 10 programs each year, targeted to parents about issues kids face every day. These inspiring half-hour specials feature real kids sharing their true stories, broadcast on 60 television stations throughout the country — ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates – reaching 65 percent of U.S. households. View live videos on current student topics.

Encouragement Foundation

The Encouragement Foundation is a global network of like-minded encouragers who actively participate in encouraging others throughout the world. Founders Julia and Brian Mitchell believe that everyone has the ability to offer encouragement to others and that everyone can benefit from receiving encouragement. By harnessing the power of the Internet, aligning the combined efforts of tens of thousands of people around the world, the Mitchells are creating a force for good via the power of encouragement. A plethora of stories of encouragement from people of all walks of life are published on The Encouragement Foundation Web site. The Mitchells believe that together we can encourage others to ‘hang in there’ during tough times, to be inspired to dream again, and to enjoy improved lives.

Formerly known as, specializes in recording and producing personalized music CDs for schools, bands, choirs, church organizations and individual projects. Recordings take place right in the classroom with a state-of-the-art mobile recording studio, using the same technology as top studios in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. has also added an incredible music concert called the “I Love This School Tour,” which is a live concert event by singer/songwriter Billy Craig, who incorporates three characters -- Super Sam, the guitar man, School Ja Boy, the hip-hop rapper man and Ziggy, the classic rocker dude -- into his entertaining act. Each show sends positive messages, addresses contemporary issues like bullying, and promotes the value of reading using songs with engaging lyrics.

Parenting On Track™

Parenting On Track™ is a proactive parenting approach with concepts and strategies that help families prevent problems before they occur. Parent educator and mother of five, Vicki Hoefle, began developing Parenting On Track™ more than 20 years ago when searching for guidance on how to parent her own family in an atmosphere of love, compassion, trust and mutual respect. Introduced to the concepts of Dr. Alfred Adler through Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, by Don Dinkmeyer, Sr., PhD, Gary McKay, PhD, and Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., PhD, Vicki began studying and applying Adlerian principles to her family. Energized by how well the concepts worked for her, Vicki began sharing them as a facilitator of local parenting classes, while refining the practical applications in her Adlerian Child Care Center. Vicki began to focus exclusively on parent education and the development of the Parenting On Track™ program, which is dedicated to improving the lives of families and providing a positive influence on society around the globe.

Uniting Grown Ups

Uniting Grown Ups is the World-Wide Community and Resource for Parents and Teachers, encompassing all aspects of the Education, Growth and Development of Children aged between 5 and 16 years. Connect with other Parents and Teachers, find Expert Advice and be Supported in Raising and Educating your Children!